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City Foods is a food co-op in Tippecanoe County. Thanks to contributions from this community and our local farmers, we're proud to offer a growing line of Indiana products. Our store is open to the public, not just City Foods Members!

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Greenfield Mills

Greenfield Mills

Greenfield Mills

Greenfield Mills is located just outside of Howe, IN. The family-run mill has been producing high-quality flour and pancake mixes since 1904, utilizing one of the few water-powered flour mills still around. The hydro electric mill that the Rinkel family uses is Indiana’s oldest, and it was purchased in 1904 by Henry Rinkel. Five generations later and the Rinkel’s are still producing high quality flour and pancake mixes for their customers.

Did You Know??
Greenfield Mills not only utilizes Indiana’s oldest hydro-powered flour mill, but it also is one of Indiana’s smallest electric utility companies, which serves 2 mills and 11 houses!

City Foods receives our pastry flour, bread flour, pancake mixes, and buckwheat flour from Greenfield.