As a co-operative, member-owned store, City Foods Co-op appreciate your donation in order to continue to serve downtown Lafayette area more and more. Here is the wish list to improve our store facility:

  • Microwave – Thank you!!
  • Mixer, Food Processor, Electric Roasting Pan
  • Funky furniture, couch, love seat, easy chair, small tables
  • Metal ductwork, old or new, corrugated tin etc
  • Old fashioned milk pail
  • teakettle, electric or stovetop
  • couch, love-seat, or easy chair
  • small tables, end tables, bistro tables, garden table
  • laminator
  • modern projector
  • baby changing table – Thank you!!

Or, you can simply donate some amount of money as you wish. Consider this like a crowd-funding… Please drop by the store to discuss more. *Please note that CityFoods is NOT a 501c, and donations are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE