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About City Foods
City Foods is a grocery co-operative in Tippecanoe County IN, currently transitioning to an online store. Thanks to contributions from the Lafayette community and our local farmers, we're proud to offer a growing line of local and organic products. Our store is open to all, including City Foods Members!

Contact Us
CityFoodsCoOp [at]

2021 Events List

6/14 – Monday 6:00-7:00pm ET – VIRTUAL discussion (Register here)

Curious about hydroponics? Local food justice? Supporting IN small businesses and organizations? Transitioning to a non-profit foundation?

Join our event with Evan Overbay from Highland Heights Foundation in Frankfort, IN. Evan and his wife Autumn have worked tirelessly to provide nutritious food options and local jobs to support a healthy, strong community. Let’s learn from their successes!

Previous Events:

4/26 – Monday 6:00-7:00pm ET – VIRTUAL networking event (Register here)

Radically Rethinking Our Food System

Join for a conversation with three speakers working on food justice in Indiana (30 min). We’ll ask our panelist about their vision on:

  • Holistic vision for the future of food
  • Creative ways to improve food access
  • Equitable education of nutritious options

Followed by small group discussions to learn and connect with other folks working on these topics in our community (30min). Let’s reimagine an improved food network!

1/28 – Thursday 7:00-8:00pm ET – All Member Meeting (virtual on Zoom)

  • Agenda will be sent prior to the meeting to all members, and summarized here on 1/27.
  • If any members need a copy of the meeting link, please email CityFoodsCoOp [at] and we are happy to resend it to you.

1/24 – Sunday 7:00-7:30pm ET

Call OUT for New Members – Thanks to all participants!