Food For Thought: 4 Ways We Can Avoid A Catastrophic Drought

7-7-16 @ 6:30pm in our Community Kitchen


Let’s gather together to gain insight toward the future developments of the food worlds as we know them.  Join us as we learn more about the relationships between existing water supplies and how regional weather patterns may affect them, thereby affecting and effecting us.

“As the world’s climate patterns continue to shift unpredictably, places where drinking water was once abundant may soon find reservoirs dry and groundwater aquifers depleted. In this talk, civil and environmental engineer David Sedlak shares four practical solutions to the ongoing urban water crisis. His goal: to shift our water supply towards new, local sources of water and create a system that is capable of withstanding any of the challenges climate change may throw at us in the coming years.”

You’re invited to bring a dish or a snack to share with the group as we share our inner genius toward the future of food.

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