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About City Foods
City Foods is a grocery co-operative in Tippecanoe County IN, currently transitioning to an online store. Thanks to contributions from the Lafayette community and our local farmers, we're proud to offer a growing line of local and organic products. Our store is open to all, including City Foods Members!

Contact Us
CityFoodsCoOp [at]

Membership (coming soon)

Benefits of joining City Foods as member

The primary mission of City Foods is to provide healthy produce, meats and dairy products that are locally grown and produced. The co-op will obtain foods of desired quality at the best possible price and will offer a retail environment that is free of coercive sales influence with full disclosure of product qualities and value.

  • Co-op members will receive discounts at the store, but we will welcome everyone to shop.
  • Members also have a voice in a range of decisions that the Co-op makes, from events, products to carry and more.

Membership Options

  • Annual Membership is just $50 per year (payable in installments). After 4 consecutive years as a member, you will automatically become a lifetime member.
  • Student Annual Membership is available at $24 per year with student ID.
  • Lifetime Membership is only $200. Full, or lifetime, members can place special orders for favorite products at low prices near wholesale costs.

Joining City Foods

  • Please fill out this application to us via email at CityFoodsCoOp [at] and we can determine the best form of payment together.


If you are interested in helping City Foods meet its goals in other ways please consider:

    • Shopping with us! 🙂
    • Volunteering to help. There are always plenty of tasks to assist with. Sign up here.
    • Speaking to your family, friends and community about City Foods and sharing our social media posts.